Family Law

Matters involving children are among the most difficult and contentious issues in the realm of family law. Attorney Francys Johnson has a specialized practice devoted to all aspects of family law, including litigation involving children. Attorney Francys Johnson serves your family needs with compassion.


In child custody matters, we offer skilled and experienced representation on behalf of parents, grandparents, and concerned friends and relatives. We routinely represent mothers and fathers in custody and child support modification actions. A modification may arise where the parent or child has experienced a material change in circumstances warranting a change in child support, visitation, or custody. A court bases its decision upon the best interests of the children involved.


Grounds for modification of custody may include:

  • A child reaching an age where he or she can choose the custodial parent

  • A parent's routine interference with the other's custodial or visitation rights

  • A parents' failure to exercise awarded visitation

  • A significant increase or decrease in childcare expenses, medical insurance coverage, or education or extracurricular costs

  • A parent's failure to adequately care for the child or provide an appropriate home environment

Grandparents' Rights and Third Party Custody

In special circumstances, Georgia law provides for limited custodial or visitation rights for grandparents, friends, or relatives who can show that the children would be adversely affected without their involvement and support. Attorney Francys Johnson devotes a portion of its family law practice to representing grandparents and others who have played a significant role in a child's life. Without representation, these important figures can be denied contact, visitation, and involvement with a child.


Child Support

Georgia's child support guidelines are complicated. Child support is now based on both parents' income and considers expenses, including healthcare insurance, daycare, school tuition, extracurricular activities, visitation-related travel expenses, and parenting time.



Often, a parent fails to comply with the Court's order regarding custody, visitation or child support. We represent parents in bringing actions to enforce these provisions and also defend parents improperly accused of contempt of court.


Child Support and Child Custody 

Attorney Francys Johnson represents new and existing clients in Juvenile and Superior Court concerning divorce, custody, alimony, and child support. Timing is critical in these cases; individuals wanting to pursue a case should contact us immediately.

"Doing Justice, Loving Mercy, Walking Humbly" - Micah 6:8


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